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The Crisis Center of Matagorda and Wharton Counties
Just Do It Now - A Faith-Based Life Recovery Center
Pilgrin's Rest ASAP - An Afterschool Program
Texana Center
Texas Constitution and Statutes
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Texas Juvenile Justice Department
For Military Access to records go to
This link will take you to the crime records list.  Click on the link Armed Forces Enlistment Form (PDF).  You can print this form,¬†complete it, take it to the DPS office, then pay $10.00 to get the records.

How to Report Abuse
Abuse - Hotline

To report alleged wrong-doing, please contact the following:

State Institution, Program, Service, or Facility
Community-Based Program, Service, or Facility
Office of the Inspector General
Office of the Independent Ombudsman
Texas Juvenile Justice Department Abuse Hotline Page


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