Financial Obligations of the Responsible Person(s)

The responsible person(s), which are the parent(s), guardian(s), or custodian(s) of the juvenile, are financially responsible for the juvenile.  The only payment that may be ordered by the Wharton County Juvenile Court is restitution.

When a juvenile causes personal injury, property damage, and/or property loss to his or her victim(s), the victim(s) may request financial restitution.  The responsible person(s) will be required to make monthly payments to the WCJPD totaling the amount requested by the victim or an amount determined by the court.  The WCJPD will pay the victim the collected restitution.  Restitution payments must be made by money order only, payable to WCJPD.  Failure to make the restitution payments will result in further court action.

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